Body and Fender Bumping Hammer kit

Introducing the new Jonnesway Body and Fender Bumping Hammer kit, one of a three kit series from Jonnesway Professional Tools. This kit comes with 10 interchangeable attachments specifically designed for the smash repair industry. Included are a series of CRV punches, chisels, rounded and flat bumping bits.

Each attachment fits onto the handle in 3 different positions and is secured by a spring action push button positive pin lock. The handle is fitted with an anti slip comfort grip.

There are 2 ways of operating the tool. You can strike the working surface directly with the handle and fitted attachment or you set the tool on the desired striking location and drive through the tool with another hammer ensuring an accurate striking position.

This tool allows you to gain access to areas that would not normally be accessible with a standard hammer and dolly set and provides much greater accuracy than using a hammer on its own.

This convenient, high quality tool will save you time and frustration by being able to accurately and comfortably gain access to work areas that were otherwise difficult to operate on



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