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Tighten Up Your Inventory with JONNESWAY Super Tech Series

Incredibly Australia has one of the largest variety of vehicle manufacturers in the world, all using different styles of nut and bolt combinations. With such variety coming into the workplace irregularly, inventory stocking requirements can be costly and cumbersome. The Jonnesway “SUPER TECH” One-Drive solution will cover all your fastening needs in one easy package.

Manufactured from high quality Chrome Vanadium Steel, Molybdenum and Tungsten, the Jonnesway “SUPER TECH” ONE DRIVE technology accommodates 7 different types of nut and bolt combinations into one multi-use head.

 SO WHAT’S DIFFERENT? Other multi-use head sockets contact only the corners of the nut or bolt head. Under load this type of contact can damage and round the head, sometimes resulting in the head being unmovable, as well as damaging the tool itself over time.

Jonnesway Super Tech series is different. Contact on the nuts or bolts are evenly distributed across the full contact surface instead of the corners and points. This gives a better grip, allows more torque to be used and protects the nuts from rounding. In fact, torque exceeds double the normal DIN standard.

The SUPER TECH system fits Metric 6pt, Metric 12pt, SAE 6pt, SAE 12pt, E-TORX, Spline, Square & 50% rounded off nut bolts. This eliminates the need to carry the multiple tool sets required for today’s variety of vehicles and industries including Automotive, Industrial, Retail & Hardware.

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