Jonnesway Tool Trolley System

Build it your Way

Jonnesway offers a flexible and convenient method of constructing and organising your tool box. The standardisation of tool draw and tray sizes allows you to mix and match different tool combinations so that you can get exactly what you need while organising them in a method that you want.

All of the Jonnesway tool trolley’s are designed to the same proportions sot that our tool trays can be easily fit inside them.

There are 2 standard interlocking trays in the Jonnesway range, simply referred to as Model A and Model B, as well as EVA Foam sets.


The smaller of the two interlocking trays is Model A and measures 370mm by 138mm. You can fit 4 Model A trays in a single Jonnesway trolley draw. A list of all Model A trays can be found here




The larger of the two interlocking trays is Model B and measures 421mm by 178mm. You can fit 2 Model B trays along with 1 model A tray in a Jonnesway trolley draw. A list of Model B trays can be found here. 



 The interlocking clips ensure the drays fit securely within the draw.



For larger and more specific tool sets, Jonnesway offers a range of EVA form trays. These measure 570mm x 375mm. 


The flexibility of this system means you can adjust and expand your tool collection as your requirements change. The interlocking blow molded trays ensures you can keep your draws clean and organised while easily identifying if a tool is missing.

Jonnesways allows you to create your own tool kit they way you want it in the the timeframe the suites you and your budget.