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An adjustable wrench is something nearly every tool box will contain. While there are many on the market that look similar, it does not mean they are all equal in terms of quality. The most important feature being that the adjusted jaw fits and stays securely snug agains the wall of the fastener. Inferior adjustables will not be able to secure a tight fit and will slip when force is applied which can round and damage nuts.

The Jonnesway Adjustable range are drop forged and made from quality Chrome Vanadium and feature slim line jaws to make it easier to work in confined spaces. They are precisely machined to enable the user to get a tight connection on the fastener and most importantly maintain that fit when force is applied.

They include both SAE and Metric markings on the jaw line and are manufactured to DIN 3117. There are are a variety of sizes available from 6" to 18".